Rules - ITERA

Race Details – Rules

The ITERA Adventure Race is part of the Adventure Racing World Series and as such we use the standard ARWS rule book. An appendix to this document will be posted here in 2019 to put these in to the context of racing in SCOTLAND and to highlight local laws around mountain biking and footpaths.


If one or more members of your team retires from the race then you must inform race control as soon as possible. We don’t want to be waiting for you at transition or sending out a search party. After notifying race control you will need to transport yourselves back to Inverness. We will help you where possible however we do not have transport reserved for this task. The easiest option is often to get the nearest train station and then it’s a pretty quick journey back to Inverness.

We will get retirees kit back to Inverness as soon as we can. This may take some time as we won’t be able to unload a whole van full of kit to do this and we have limited means to transport small amounts of kit around the course.

Please do not ask friends who are volunteering to stop what they are doing to take you back to the event centre. This can (and has) caused problems for the management of the event which is still running. Please refer to event management staff.


One of the criticisims of a race in the ITERA format is that it can be confusing to the viewers and other racers as to which team is in which race. For 2019 we are using the same format of coloured bibs as used in Wales and Ireland. With all teams at the start wearing 3 blue / 1 white bib and carrying a black bib. As soon as that team misses a control the white bib needs to be removed and replaced with the black bib. The exception being any non-comp teams (single sex / merged teams during the event) who must wear 4 blue bibs.

  • All full course teams must carry a black bib with them at all times (regardless of their intentions).
  • All teams must don the black bib in place of the white bib as soon as they miss a control
  • Bibs must be worn over the top of all clothing with exception when in transitons *(see below)
  • No other sponsor logos should be applied to the bibs


Apocolyptic weather and bibs – this subject causes much debate between racers and organisers. Many racers would quite happily not wear bibs – for us it gives the event an identity and enables us to communicate the event to the public. Over the years there have been a few events where the weather has been truly awful, with tight non-breathable bibs over waterproof jackets the jacket can cease to be waterproof. We are talking proper rain which lasts many hours not the odd shower. In these EXCEPTIONAL circumstances we recognise that wearing a bib can hasten the onset of hypothermia and as such happy for the team captain to use their judgement and allow team members to remove bibs.

To be clear in these scenarios

– Team must put bibs back on when within 5km of a transition
– We will never allow any pictures to be published or allow any footage of any team not wearing bibs (except when in transitions) to be used
– If the weather is OK but your bib is wet you must still wear the bib

Not wearing a bib unless the weather is really minging WILL invoke a penalty!