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Race Details – Logistics

Kit bags – we will be transporting all of your kit between transitions. You should have one kit BAG per team member, an additional one BAG per team and one or two wet team bag(s) – these should weigh no more than 28kg each on our pre-loading scales and be comfortably carried by one person. We would recommend duffle bags.

Any tent(s) should fit in the team bag.

Teams can have 2 wet bags – they should ONLY contain, kayak backrests / portage trolleys / bouyancy aids and wet suits should the team choose to use them.

Please no filled bladders or water bottles in any kit bags. Only sealed drinks containers. There will be drinking water available at all transitions

All 4 paddles in a paddle bag.

Any other items including tents must be packed in bags or bike boxes.

Kit Boxes - Photo courtesy of Craig Bycroft www.xpd.com.auBike Boxes – We follow the approach taken by other AR world Series events in using a standard size bike box. In 2019 you will be required to supply your bike for transportation in a bike box which is 140cm x 80cm x 30cm. In these boxes you can put any other items you wish like cycle clothing / helmets / shoes.. etc but they must not weigh anymore than 28kg.

To make this work, we can supply cardboard bike boxes which meet the above spec and we will sell on at £16 each. To purchase these please visit our shop here you need to login. Unfortunately due to the size of these boxes the postage makes sending them out prohibitive – hence they will be available for collection from our office (with prior appointment). You will need a roll of gaffer / parcel tape to seal the boxes or find another way of keeping them shut.

During the event we will make every effort to keep these boxes dry (e.g. putting them under our large gazebos) but there is a chance they may get wet. Cardboard versions may suffer – hence we have seen in many international events teams covering cardboard boxes with fabriseal or similar. The other alternative is to make your own correx version of this box.