Race Details – Kit List

The ITERA Adventure Race is part of the Adventure Racing World Series and as such we use the standard ARWS kit list. We have gone through this list and put a BIG X next to the items not required for the ITERA. We have also added a few items.

https://www.itera.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Mandatory-Equipment-List-2021-ARWS.pdf 10th April 2021

We won’t be doing a full kit check at registration, but you will be required to bring the following.

  • Bouyancy Aid

There will be points during the event where we will ask you to show us some of the items in the kit list (which may involve you unpacking your bag just after you have packed it!) The penalties for not carrying the right kit or the use of unsuitable items (e.g. waterproofs which are not) will be harsh, and may prevent you starting a stage.

First Aid

In addition to the mandatory kit listed above we recommend you consider as a team what other items you may require during the event (pain killers, antihistamines, etc). We recommend that you take time to consider what you will need to look after your feet as this is arguably one of the most common reasons why a team will not make the finish.

In terms of treatment please assume that as a team you will look after yourselves. We do have first aiders at the event, however their role will not be to tape you together.

With a number of teams only coming together just before the event it is important to remind you to talk together about any medical issues you may have however personal.

For those of you who have personal medication e.g. inhalers please carry a spare with you when out on the event (not just in transition bag).