Race Details – Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sleep?

The top teams will only sleep for around 6 – 10 hours on an event of this length – however that does not mean you have to put yourself through that torture. We have deliberately made sure that transitions are in locations near village halls / schools where you can sort your kit out and camp in a nearby field (no sleeping inside).

Can we have a discount?

Nope – all of the teams on the start line will have paid the fees you see on the home page. The exception is any media teams where we feel the coverage is worthy of the entry fee and in the interest of the teams entered (not just themselves).

Can we use your logo on our team website?

Yep sure – this page has links to the 2022 logo and guidelines on how it can be used.  https://www.itera.co.uk/brand-guidelines/

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.