Race Details - ITERA

Race Details

ITERA Race Details - Mountain BikingThe event will be a 5 day nonstop adventure race for mixed sex teams of 4. Including running / trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. The event will run from the 10th – 17th August 2019.

We have designed a race format and course that will allow all the teams to finish. The race will be achievable yet challenging to all levels. We are not planning to design the hardest adventure race ever, in fact quite the opposite; we want it to be fun, interesting and an accessible event. Every night we will provide access to warm and dry shelter.

What’s included

An amazing journey through Scotland!

    ITERA Race Details -

  • 2 sets of maps of fully marked up Ordnance Survey maps for each team
  • Logistics to move your kit and bikes around the course – historically these events have had around 10 stages with a mixture of paddling, MTBing and trekking.
  • Sportident electronic timing
  • Live Tracking along with a portal with Leaderboard, photos, news items and videos so friends can see how you are getting on.
  • Post event buffet
  • Event T-shirt
  • Event base for you to sort your kit out, register and be part of event briefing
  • Event photos for you to share post event (you won’t need to pay for these).
  • A fair and competitive event, we will be adopting the ARWS rules and will have a race referee on the event.
  • Event bibs

Race Timetable

This will be updated during 2018. Provisional times.

Saturday 10th midday registration
Sunday 11th kit prep
Monday 12th race starts

Friday 16th race finishes
Saturday 17th competitors depart

Event Registration / HQ

To be updated soon, along with ‘reasonably priced’ accommodation packages at SYHA Inverness for the Sat/Sun/Fri.

Camper vans

To be updated – suffice to say we will be looking to find a location for those who like to bring a camper van.


ITERA Race Details - There will be a large hall available which is secure and will be the ideal place to sort out your kit prior to the event.. unless of course its sunny. Post event you should be aware that unless you have arrived by public transport we have no storage facilities for kit and you will need to secure bike / boats etc on your own vehicles.

We are currently investigating the use of a small room for the storage of a small bag (5kg) for each competitor for any valuables you don’t wish to carry during the event. Those arriving by public transport please contact us so we can assist with any transfers from the train station or airport and arrange for storage of excess kit during the event.

Overseas Teams

Before you email us – we don’t do discounts. EVERY team will have paid the price advertised – the exception being any specially selected media team. However many of us have travelled overseas to events and know the difficulties in arranging the logistics of getting from the port of entry to the event.

For the ITERA event we are keen to assist any teams with transport of equipment and themselves once they arrive in Inverness. Please contact us with your plans and we will see how we can best assist.