ITERA Expedition Race 2021

Race background – This event is the brainchild of 3 people, Tom Gibbs the man behind the 2014 ITERA, serial Adventure Racer, Paul Mcgreal one of the key people behind adventure sport in Scotland and James Thurlow has organised over 100 Adventure Sports events in the UK over the past 15 years with Open Adventure. The idea of showing off the country at its finest is what motivates the team behind the ITERA.

ITERLatin for “journey”.. and the “A” stood for little more than the ADVENTURE (where on that journey the outcomes are uncertain).

The Race

The teams will be racing through Scotland over five days in August 2021. The race will finish in Oban – and the start – you will have to wait till August in 2021 to find that out.

With a distance of over 600km for the full event it will be a big challenge to all the top teams, but one that should be achievable for ALL. With shortcuts available (approx. 300km) for the novice or slower teams we hope everyone will enjoy the drama and excitement to be found in Scotland.

Good navigation is essential for the race, and you will be provided with detailed maps to follow. The race will include mountain running, mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering and a few surprises taking you to those hidden gems. Attitude is everything, so be prepared for the unexpected.

Race Facts – 600km of PURE Adventure

Date August 14th – 21st 2021
Who 4 person mixed teams (no support crew required)
single sex teams can enter however they will be classed as non-competitive
Where Oban, Scotland
Registration fees
and dates
Until 30th Nov 2020 £3000 per team
1st Dec 2020 to 28th Feb 2021 £3400 per team
1st March 2021 to 30th June 2021 £3800 per team
Boats are included

Refunds see Terms and conditions
Entries close 1st Jul 2021
Last amends 1st Aug 2021

Race time 4-5 days
Total race distance 600 km (short course approx. 300km)
Weather It is the Summer Holidays, so should be sunny but you’ll need to check out the forecast nearer the time.
Meeting Point Oban, Scotland